Important Notice

June 14th 2018

At the General Meeting of Members of Representative held on June 14th 2018, “Change of both Trade Name and Event Name” was resolved.

By this resolution, as from April 1st 2019, new trade name shall be “General Corporate Juridical Person Japan Sport Wellness Fukiya Association” (abbreviated name shall be SWFA) and new event name shall be “Sport Wellness Fukiya”.

Details shall follow.

Change of Trade Name and Event Name

  • Trade Name: Japan Sport Wellness Fukiya Association
  • Event Name: Sport Wellness Fukiya
  • As from: April 1st 2019
  • Reasons: At the 20th Anniversary held on April 1st 2018, The Association announced three important targets to be achieved toward the 30th Anniversary, such as “Establishing international organization”, “Creation of new FUKIYA” and “Medical and Scientific Verification of the effects of FUKIYA”.
  • Since the establishment of The Association in 1989, we have been trying to establish International Organization under the slogan of “Let us make Japan and World healthy by FUKIYA”. In order to be accepted internationally, we decided to add the word “Wellness” (Health).
  • By adding the word “Wellness”, namely “Health”, Sport Fukiya can be considered not only competitive sport but also healthy sport as people can understand from this new name which is suitable for a new age.
  • The word “Wellness” means not only physical health but also keeping and promoting the total health of daily activities which makes one’s life actively and creatively. The Association decided to use “Sport Wellness Fukiya” with the strong will to pursue “Wellness” the pluralistic health which improves the quality of one’s life and creates useful life by enjoying “Fukiya” as the aim of The Association.


There is nothing more valuable than good health.

It has long been my wish to make a gift of an enjoyable method of exercise that would benefit people by enhancing their health.

This wish was first inspired by my encounter with Qigong (Kikou). Qigong opened my eyes to the marvels of abdominal breathing; it is no wonder that everyone takes a deep breath before starting off on any important endeavor.

Reflecting upon the path I have traveled leading to the birth of Sport Fukiya, I feel that each incident, each experience was meaningful. Everything pointed towards the culmination of my dream to create a sport that would contribute to the well-being of everyone.

I am delighted to welcome you to the world of Sport Fukiya and I sincerely hope it will give you the joy it has given me.

Former Chairperson, Kiyoshi Aoyagi
Japan Sport Fukiya Association